Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nothing to do, Nothing to say...

This summer sure feels like it's going by fast. It's already the middle of july!

I guess having something to do really does speed time along. All I can remember is last year I was desperately waiting for summer to end, because I had nothing to do and was bored out of my mind.

I finally feel like a part of Boston Scientific. I was worried that I wouldn't for awhile...I was sort of antisocial the first few days (yea, that's always the best time to be antisocial), and that lead to me generally spending all day at my cubicle. Which I have to say, gets kind of dull at times.

But now things are going pretty good. There are a few people at work I'm pretty close with. Maybe not close close, but we can joke around and enjoy ourselves. And everybody else is still pretty friendly. Apparently I missed most of the drama, cuz from what my coworkers have told me, things were pretty bad before...

I guess I can still get bored, as evidenced by this conversation I'm having with David right now:

[17:37] wangxiuming: rawr
[17:37] durek08: meow?
[17:37] wangxiuming: cluck
[17:38] durek08: woof
[17:38] wangxiuming: quack
[17:40] durek08: chirp
[17:41] wangxiuming: snort
[17:41] durek08: squeek
[17:44] wangxiuming: mooo
[17:48] durek08: naaayyyyy
[17:49] wangxiuming: squawk


...what am I doing?

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Stacy said...

that's a pretty amusing convo there