Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wookiees are people too.

You know that new Star Wars commercial? The one with all the testimonials about how people love Star Wars, and how the parents are so happy to see their kids enjoying something they grew up with and blah blah blah... I forget what they're advertising - I'm not sure it's actually Star Wars movies or whatnot - but anyway, that commercial got me so mad because at the end of it, this little girl said she would "love to have a wookiee for a pet."

Now, that is just outrageous. The wookiees are a sentient, intelligent race with a deep sense of honor. That this little girl would want to own a wookiee as if she was going to a pet store to get a dog is an insult to the wookiee people. Of course, the wookiees don't actually exist. But the fact that the people who made this advertisement would actually put this on the air...that is an insult to Star Wars fans everywhere! That little girl has shamed her entire Star Wars-loving family, and that commercial is an embarassment to the great Star Wars name. I reject you, new-Star-Wars-commercial, for you are UNWORTHY.

And with that, I take my leave. Good day.


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