Sunday, October 30, 2005

Footcake and Cheeseball

What a great weekend. Until today that is. Today I have to study. But I shall put that off by writing an entry! w00t, go me.

On friday, Me, Julie, Cynthia, Paul, Michael, Stacey, Dana, and Dana's boyfriend Ryan all went to cheesecake factory. I don't know why. We just randomly went there to spend money cuz we're all rolling in dough...or 'bank' as paul says. Unfortunately I am not rolling in banks, because that would hurt and also I don't have money.

The food was delicious! But the cheesecake was ABYSMAL.


I'm lying of course. The cheesecake was fantastic. So rich and creamy...god i want more. But they're priced at like 7 bucks a slice. those monopolistic price setting bastards!

Afterwards we all went to cynthia's apartment where we hung out doing nothing...nothing funner than doing nothing! it's my favorite pasttime :)...also my only pasttime.

Sunday was even crazier. Around 3:00 in the afternoon me and my mgmt group were going to work on our group case. Of course, we ended up watching the football game instead. OMG I have never been so into a football game. I apologize to all ucla fans out there. The reason we were doing so crappily during the first 3 quarters was because I was watching. I finally decided to stop jinxing our team, and looked away.

Down by 21 with 8 minutes left and we came back to WIN! GEEZUS CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS.

yea, that was a great day....but now i have to study. So I will go be sad now.

P.S. Stanford sucks :P


May said...

stanford doesnt suck!! their mascot the tree has feelings u kno! ^_______^ GO BRUINS!

Cynthia said...

I spent enough money for two meals at Cheesecake Factory. So sad, so sad.

May said...

u still havent editted the saturday/sunday thing! yay for monday fatz0rz meals together! long live buttered rice!

wangxiuming said...

ill butter YOUR rice!