Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spotlight - Dragon Age: Redemption

Felicia Day's newest web-series set in the Dragon Age universe is out! Check out Redemption, which stars Day as the elven assassin Tallis.

I was a little worried that Day wouldn't be able to break out of her "Codex" role from her other series, The Guild, but she does an admirable job here in the first episode, setting Tallis apart (as a confident and somewhat snarky elf) from her other roles.

The way the Qunari are depicted does bug me a little though. I'm not sure if it's the costume or the acting, but they don't give off the same presence as they have in the game - there's not that sense of intimidation in their first appearance. We'll see if the series can overcome this.

Dragon Age's newest story-based DLC is also out today, which conveniently enough features Tallis as a playable character. Mark of the Assassin  can be picked up for $10.00 or its equivalent Bioware/Microsoft Points value on PC, Xbox360, and the PS3.


seeshu said...


I dunno. I think I just want to have Dragon Age 3: explaining everything that happened in Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age 1.

Brian said...

this looks like a really expensive production =_= where did she get the funding?

also i think she smiles too much

wangxiuming said...

Watch Episode 3, and you'll see the HORRIBLE spell effects they use. >_<