Monday, October 17, 2005

And so it begins.

What have I been doing all day, you ask? Not that you care, you're just making forced conversation with me because otherwise it'd be even more awkward.
Anyway, basically today I procrastinated my work till right now, doing absolutely nothing. Well, not nothing. I finally figured out how to get the KotOR 2 music files to play on itunes (all you do is rename the extension to .mp3). That took me about 2-3 hours. 2-3 hours I could have used to study for the midterm i'm so worried about. i love hypocrisy :(
For another two hours i watched Futurama. That was a good show. Perhaps I'll review it in the future when I'm bored. Perhaps not. Indeed. As you wish. Good god man. Bloody hells. Strength and Honor.
...and the highlight of today, i found the usb cord for my digital camera!

I have no idea what caused this facial expression in me. Probably Aisa.

And here's a picture of my one true love. I'm sorry May. :(

Yes, the horror. I now possess full digital camera power. Beware, for I will take incriminating pictures of you so I can blackmail you. I'm thinking this is probably going to be my primary source of income once I graduate, cuz i'm such a bum.


May said...

roy wang u sicko! stop posting pictures of ur mistress! and also, that was mean of u, matt, and robert! meanies!!!! ::grrrr::

wangxiuming said...

i wasn't any part of it!!!!