Monday, October 03, 2005

Television's Forsaken

So...I was looking forward to a sunday of fun and more fun with new episodes of Family Guy and Simpsons.

...Instead, I was horrified to discover that neither series would be airing new episodes. And they just started their new seasons too. Those bastards.

...and on saturday, i was further horrified to further discover that Justice League was not new either.

...well, technically since Saturday was before Sunday, I guess i wasn't really "further" discovering...

...and then Benson told me that the season premiere of Veronica Mars had already aired...and that I had missed it.

...yes, my life revolves around tv.

Just to spice things up, here's some animated nudity! Oh yes, everybody loves animated nudity!

Take me back, please! I can't live without you, you big tub of lard, you!

I swear, Peter strips every single episode. There hasn't been a single episode of Family guy in a looooong time where Peter retains his clothing. What is the dealio with that? Not that big tubs of lard aren't arousing...oops, did I just say that out loud.

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