Friday, September 30, 2005

Smallville Makes Me Sad

Smallville...I'm not gonna bother giving background on this show because frankly if you don't know, then you shouldn't waste your time on this entry...or maybe this blog for that matter. The WB heralds this season as "Legend," and while the season premiere entitled "Arrival" does make some references to two "legendary" Superman movies, the episode itself is ultimately disappointing. The only saving grace is the hint of a better storyline than last year's series of unfortunate episodes (most of which had no plot at all).
Smallville Season Premiere: "Arrival" - 3/5
Oh, if you haven't seen the episode yet...I may or may not include spoilers, I haven't decided yet. Don't look at the pictures :P
Arrival continues from last season's finale, with Clark trapped in a frozen wasteland. The episode is filled with Superman references, including the Fortress of Solitude, two evil kryptonians who I'm told are also in the Superman movie, making it worth a look just for the hardcore superman fans.

I'm sure Lana would love it.
In terms of character development...
... that's what this show never had.
Oh wait, I suppose Clark and Lana finally getting together formally counts. And Clark finding out that Chloe knows. And Clark and Lois's relationship extending beyond annoying bickering.


Plotwise, the episode is pretty good. Clark faces two of the most powerful beings he's ever had to fight. Unfortunately, the climactic battle of the episode is dreadfully lame, and has to be the most disappointing fight scene in Superman history. You'd think a Superman show would have Superman fighting a bit more often, but the climactic battle of this season premiere is Clark pushing the two bad guys into a dimensional prison...that's right. They don't fight. At all. They take turns pushing each other. Clark pushes better apparently.

...or maybe not so much. You two need to learn how to push better.

All references aside, the episode was a big let-down. Despair not, however, for there is yet hope. Arrival ends with a haunting scene of a certain James Marsters materializing out of physics-defying elements...with an alien spacecraft in the background. I, having spoiled it for myself, already know who this person is going to be...and i'm sure a lot of you have guessed it already.

It's Spike! Superman is no match for William the Bloody!

Let's just hope this season has more good episodes than the last one.

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