Monday, September 19, 2005

Advent Children Review / I don't want to finish packing

Why is it that I don't want to finish packing even though I'm 95% done? In any case, if you don't want to be spoiled at all for Advent Children, don't look at the pictures, don't read the review, and don't...well...don't come to this site, cuz this is probably gonna be here for awhile. Oh, just as a warning, i'm going to be using the word "pretty" a lot in this review.
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - 8/10
Advent Children came out in Japan on the 13th of September 2005, and I've had the great fortune of watching it twice already, once on a laptop, and once with a projector (I recommend the projector :D). For those of you awaiting an American release - i fear the dub - as of this date there has yet to be word on that. But I think I read somewhere that the american release would follow the Japanese one by a month at latest.
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was admittedly a big flop, and like a multi-billion dollar net loss (or something like that) for Sony. I wouldn't say Advent Children affords a complete redemption for Final Fantasy cinema, but it's definitely a big step in the right direction. I have to say I was very satisfied with the movie (even though some parts of it were admittedly disappointing), and would recommend it to anybody. Do note that a good background with the game will make the movie a lot easier to understand however...
To get right to the point, the best part of this movie are the graphics/animation/cg...whatever. You know what I mean. This movie is PRETTY. So pretty that I'm not ashamed to use the word pretty. Multiple times. Pretty. Pretttyyyyyy. PRETTY. The things they do...let's just say it's like a feast for your eyes. I mean, I got the feeling that some scenes were just put in to show off what technology can do now. Admittedly, some of the animation is still a little clunky, but overall its fantastic. And not just the battles too, although they were definitely the highlight. Just look:

Look at that detail! You can practically see the dandruff in her hair, and that pimple on her nose.

Of course, there are other things that movies generally tend to have in this day and age besides graphics. Like story, and characters, and sound and all that crap. WHO CARES. BEHOLD THE PRETTY.
Fine, I do care. And unfortunately, it's the story that ultimately prevents Advent Children from being perfect. While the premise is interesting enough, the execution and delivery of the meat of the story leaves me somewhat confused, skeptical, and otherwise unimpressed. Certain plot points just seem too convenient. Admittedly, the version I watched was fan-subbed, so some things may have been lost in translation. Still, I felt that the whole experience could have been dramatically better if the story were up to par with that of the original game.
...but hey, it's so pretty.
The sound and music are excellent as well. Fans of the original FF7 will definitely notice how the developers include very...memorable pieces of music from the game into the movie (all changed slightly of course...there are a lot of piano solos...I want that sheet music).
And hey, in the end, it's a movie about the cast of FF7. Just watching them kick ass guarantees an enjoyable time. Any self-respecting Final Fantasy fan should definitely watch this...and uh the dvd when it comes out.

(left): the annoyingest one of them all...her and her materia stealing.

(center): the fairest one of them all...i heart you...

(right): ...or maybe he's the fairest one of them all!

...what, his hair is the most blonde.


Cynthia said...

Cloud is definitely the fairest one of them all. His blonde hair makes my heart quiver.

May said...

i had no idea wut was happening in that movie...but TIFA is the fairest of them all...Cloud's eyes look kinda...sunken in. =X