Friday, September 16, 2005

Bleach Summer Episodes Review

Bleach - 4/5

Bleach's summer episodes have been a mix of spectacular battles, plot and character development, flashbacks, and general suspense-building. Bleach still has that new anime feel to it, whereas Naruto seems to have exhausted its creative resources. The only thing I fault Bleach for is some plot events that are a bit hard to swallow.

*spoilers ahead*

I mean, how many times can Ichigo seriously increase dramatically in power. First, he goes through the training to enter Soul Society...then he gets a power boost, while in battle with Zaraki Kenpachi...and now he's training to be able to release ban-kai? I dunno, I just think this part could have been handled a lot better.

On the other hand, the whole story behind Rukia's execution, Aizen's murder, and all the inter-divisional politics makes for good plot-twisting and cliffhangers.

*end spoilers*

...poor Rukia...she's all depressed.

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