Wednesday, September 28, 2005

For Love of Legal

I think the hardest part of blogging is making up interesting and relevant titles. I think I succeeded this time tho! Or maybe i just succeeded at being lame...probably the latter. well, fudge you too :P
Boston Legal - 4/5
Anyway, today's title references the critically acclaimed but relatively unknown show called "Boston Legal." A spinoff of "The Practice," Boston Legal continues the story of Alan Shore and his wildly unorthodox legal practice with the firm Crane, Poole and Schmidt. Featuring an...interesting...cast (including James Spader and William Shatner), this legal drama is highly entertaining and I highly recommend it.

Here's Alan Shore telling off the judge in front of a courtroom of people. Ballsy.
Like The Practice, Boston Legal deals with current events and issues, moral quandaries, and has a whole crapload of character development (always a plus). Alan Shore's character in particular is especially interesting, because he alternates between an amoral jackass to champion of justice. Unlike the Practice, however, Boston Legal is much more upbeat and has a very...light-hearted feel to it. There are serious and dramatic moments, of course, but Practice was much darker (especially towards the end of the series).

The Black Widow...Alan's latest client. Supposedly she killed her 70-year old rich husband. Will we ever know the truth?!

Personally I like the Practice's storylines better (much more twisty), but Boston Legal is a worthy spinoff that stands on its own. The show flip-flops between deep, thought-provoking discussion about issues such as evolution v. creationism, the death penalty, etc. to complete absurdity that I'm sure no one will ever see in an actual courtroom. Alan Shore talks back to the judges so much I'm surprised he hasn't been disbarred.

The staff of Crane, Poole, and Schmidt...looking at porn. No, seriously.

Unfortunately, ABC decided to shelve the last third of the first season in favor of Grey's Anatomy...which supposedly is also good and brought in better ratings. All I know is that Boston Legal is good...and you should watch it. ABC is airing the remaining episodes of the first season and then continuing on with the second season on tuesdays at 10:ooPM. Be there...or I'll sue you.

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