Friday, September 16, 2005

Full Metal Alchemist Review

Full Metal Alchemist - 5/5

Although FMA was recommended to me over a year ago, I only started watching it this summer due to my complete boredom. The only thing that I regret about watching it now is that I already know the story, and I wish I could erase this part of my memory just so that I could watch it again.

Full Metal Alchemist features an excellent cast of characters and a storyline that is...compelling, to say the least. To give a brief synopsis, it's about two brothers with the ability to transform and manipulate almost any objects (alchemy).

...ok maybe 'brief' isn't the best word to describe synopsis, but I hesitate to say anymore, simply cuz this series is just so good, I don't wanna ruin anything. In terms of atmosphere, FMA alternates between dark and depressing to light and comedic. It also features some of the most interesting action sequences I've ever seen in an anime...I only wish there were more, but the story more than makes up for it.

Oh, another cool thing about Full Metal Alchemist? There's a character called "Roy Mustang." That's him in the picture above, snapping his fingers. I cool is that?

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