Friday, September 16, 2005

Naruto Summer Episodes Review

Here goes...blame boredom for this.

Here's a list of all the anime that I've watched over this painstakingly long and dull summer. Most of it I've been mildly amused with, so if you're ever that bored...

Naruto - 2.5/5

Summer Naruto has been disappointing, probably because it's all filler. There have been several small story arcs, most of which involve naruto and company trying to find sasuke, and failing...basically, these plots have no point.

*spoilers ahead*

Except for the recent Hinata/Bikouchu storyline, all the plots have been devoid of any real character development. In fact, the first storyline centered mostly around Sakura, and much to my chagrin, not only did her character not develop, she actually TOOK A STEP BACKWARD and reversed to her old cowardly useless self. The storyline involving Iruka and Mizuki was also depressing...I seriously don't understand how Iruka came to be a chuunin...any of the genin could kick his ass. The Bikouchu storyline was a small saving grace...Hinata's character really shines in this one.

*end spoilers*

Basically, if you're bored then these are some mildly entertaining episodes set in the narutoverse, but don't expect anything good. Naruto's dialogue especially is getting very's basically been reduced to these four lines.

-That is my way of the ninja!
-I'll never forgive you!

The fact that each of these is no longer than 10 words, and that all of them end in an exclamation point should be a fair enough warning. in point ;P

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