Saturday, September 17, 2005

Trinity Blood Review

Trinity Blood - 3.5/5
I had just finished Full Metal Alchemist and was looking for something slightly more action packed...and this is what I found. Another vampire anime, there are some new concepts in this one (I think, I haven't seen any other vampire anime...though I hear Hellsing is highly recommended), and overall I'd say it's worth a look. Don't expect to be blown away though. Trinity Blood has a lot of things going for it...but it balances that out with a lot of things that (to me) just aren't that great.
Take for example the main character, Abel Nightroad (above). He may look cool now, but let me assure you - 90% of the time he is a complete idiot. And this is coming from me... Basically this guy has to be the most incompetent main character of any series I've ever seen. It's not even funny how clumsy, awkward, and generally ridiculous this guy acts. You'd think a special agent would be able to...uh, let's see, WALK without falling down once in awhile. Not to mention his's reached new levels of annoying.
Ok, so my main beef with this show is probably the main character. Everything else is pretty well done, the cg in particular is done very nicely along with the animation. Trinity Blood also features some very nice music that sets the atmosphere well. In terms of story, there are some slow points in the beginning, but right now it's definitely picking up (it's still ongoing, so I have yet to see the ending).
Combat is very nice to look at...the action scenes are very well done - and another bonus -when the main character is in combat, he's not as annoying. Now, if only he were forced to be in combat at all times...

Imagine looking at this for 20 out of 22 minutes, and there you have Trinity Blood.

This is a lot cooler, but remember, you have to sit through 20 minutes of omgiwanttokillthatannoyingbastard before you get to the 2 minutes of this.

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