Friday, March 31, 2006

Convenience is good...but not in TV

Sadly, I had high expectations for last night's episode of Smallville. "Hypnotic" involves a hypnotist (no kidding) who takes control over Clark, breaks up him and Lana, and tries to use Clark to kill Lex. Yay for...pointlessness. So why did I have high expectations? Because I read the synopsis wrong and I thought she wanted to use Clark to kill Milton Fine. Yea, that didn't work out.
The episode was too much filled with...nothing. Watching Smallville is like sitting down to a meal and discovering that all you're being served is water. There's no MEAT (or vegetables...whatever). And at the end of the meal you realize that you're still craving food. Well, no DUH, you just had a meal of water!
The show is sprinkled with some slight sense of plot. The Return of Milton Fine, for example, and his plans are slowly being unraveled. That's always interesting. But the rest of the show was pure crap! Craptacular crap!
Too much of this show is just too convenient - things are explained away noticeably. I mean, for example...when Clark uses his super strength on Lex, the show has Lex believe its a product of the hypnosis...which really makes no sense! Especially for Lex, someone who has been investigating Clark's supernatural abilities, it doesn't make sense that Lex would automatically assume Clark's strength was due to hypnosis. The writers wrote themselves into a hole with the whole scene and they used Lex's exclamation as a cheap and obvious attempt to keep Clark's secret.
And then, when Chloe and Lex are struggling for the gun, I love how they just happen to shoot the hypnosis crystal. How convenient. BLAH.
The return of Milton Fine, and Clark and Lana breaking up for good are the only significant events to happen last night; scenes that probably took up 5 minutes max. Where did the other 35 minutes go to? I don't know...I just don't know.
And give me a break, Clark and Simone totally did it. That's the only logical outcome. Yes.

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