Sunday, November 05, 2006

We interrupt your life to bring you this special news update on Roy's boring life.'s been a month since I've updated this thing. I wasn't this bad about it last year was I?

It's been an extremely hectic month though. Well, relatively hectic - I've still been able to get decent sleeping hours and still have some time to do things I enjoy - but compared to last year, I am definitely a lot more busy. What with recruiting (which I am going to spend today crying about), midterms (which i am going to spend tomorrow and the day after crying about), and BAY and VITA (which I am just going to cry a lot about whenever else I have time)...I'm going to be crying a lot this week apparently.

I just want to get this week over. I'll be relatively free after this week - either I'll have a job or I won't, and I should be done with my harder midterms. I'll finally be able to enjoy school again. Maybe.

I've met some awesome people this year...mostly freshman. For some reason I find it easier talking to people younger than me, than people older or the same age. I always feel very intimidated talking to those people, like I'm constantly being judged.

The downside to meeting only freshman is that the age gap continues to widen between me and any potential significant others. Which makes me feel like a pedophile...and no, I don't want to be a pedophile.

...I'm going to miss school so much!

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