Monday, April 25, 2011


I have more time on my hands now =).

New shows to watch in 2011:

1. Law & Order: Los Angeles

It launched with the rest of the regular tv lineup, but after airing a few episodes, the show went under heavy retooling. Half the cast was cut (one of them in a graphic way on the show), and the setup of the characters was changed. The revamped version is better, I would say on par with the recently ended original Law & Order. It helps that Alana de la Garza has joined the cast, though her character's transfer from New York to LA is not explained.

Alfred Molina makes a great District Attorney-turned-Detective, and Terrence Howard makes for a capable DA (though his recent appearance on SVU did not do his character any favors in terms of getting an audience to like him). The show follows the typical Law & Order format, with a cold open - usually where someone gets killed - followed by the detectives' investigation and eventually the DA's prosecution of the criminal. Not quite as good as SVU, but only because I haven't had the chance to really connect with the main characters, given the shows casting changes and limited episode run.

It remains to be seen whether NBC will pick up this series for a second season. I'm going to throw my hat in with the people who hopes that the network does.

2. Happy Endings

Sadly, everytime I mention this show's title, my roommate snickers with unadulterated glee. Fie upon you roommate!

In the vein of How I Met Your Mother, and a slew of new sitcoms that have made their way into the 2010-2011 broadcast season, Happy Endings brings us into the lives of six late-twenty somethings: a couple, an ex-couple, and two wacky single people , all of whom are friends.

As of today, four episodes have been broadcast, and I have been pleasantly surprised with both the comedy, the character development, and how quickly I have grown attached to the characters in this show. Comparisons will doubtlessly be made to the countless number of sitcoms that have saturated TV these days, and admittedly Happy Endings doesn't breach much new ground in terms of comedy (although it does feature an interracial couple and an openly gay man in the main cast).

Still, I would say this show errs more on the side of "Friends" than it does "Joey." And that's definitely a plus. The series hasn't been confirmed for a second season yet, though I certainly hope it will be.

3. Game of Thrones

The television adaptation of the thrilling book series "A Song of Ice & Fire" by George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones airs on HBO and attempts to bring to life the first book (of the same name). As of 4/25/2011, two episodes have aired. The series boasts stunning production values and a wonderful cast (of which there are literally dozens of actors), each of whom has stepped into their roles admirably. Particular props go to the young actress who plays Arya, with just the right amount of spunk and daring that made her chapters so fond to read.

The story is set in the fictional setting of Westeros, a land whose seasons last for indefinite periods of time, and war is a common thing. Events prior to the series have seen the continent of Westeros united under the rule of Robert Baratheon, but that is about to change. As the motto of the series goes: When you play the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die.

After the airing of the first episode, HBO has already picked Game of Thrones up for a second season. I'll see if I can manage a full review once the first season's 10-episode run is complete.

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