Monday, December 26, 2005

Boredom: The Year in Review (Part 2)

Hey, who's your daddy? Most Compelling: Veronica Mars
Despite the dad's rather disturbing inclination to spout that line off to Veronica as often as he can, Veronica Mars remains in my eyes the most endearing, enjoyable, and overall best show of 2005. With its stellar cast, impressive dialogue/writing, and a thoroughly good mystery, there is little that this show lacks. Every episode brings forth new character development, crazily clever antics, and development of the season's story arc. I haven't seen such good tv since Buffy! And Buffy was good.

And on that note, there have been a lot of comparisons of Veronica Mars to Buffy, both having strong and independent female leads. Not to mention Joss Whedon himself is a huge fan of Veronica. Still, there are some significant differences, most notably the fact that Veronica Mars is, at heart, still only a teenage girl. And she doesn't have any super powers. She has weaknesses (her "fight" with Aaron Echolls for example) and faults (I would hardly attribute her vengeful nature as something good. Entertaining though). And these really make her character believable and likable.
Season Two continues in the same fashion as season 1, except with even more veronica-y goodness. I can't wait till the next veronica mars marathon at sproul.
Runner-ups: Battlestar Galactica. As I'll mention soon, this show just manages to suck you in, no matter how much you might hate sci-fi. Ok fine, I don't know that for sure...
Who can resist sexy cylon #6?.
Most Surprising Hit: Battlestar Galactica
BG may not have Star Trek's super-futuristic technology, or Star Wars' jedi force/lightsabers...but what it doesn't have it makes up with believable characters, a great plot, and ... something, I don't know what that keeps me coming back for more. Seriously, it's hard to pinpoint exactly why Battlestar Galactica is so captivating. I mean, other shows have the same qualities...what is it that sets BG apart?
Oh well. Let's just say it's the pretty people and move on.
Runner-up: Veronica Mars. Yes, even I was skeptical about how good a show about a teenage girl in high school could be. And I'm sure all of you out there still are. IT"S GOOD I TELL YOU. WATCH IT.
A Show that I know I should have watched earlier but stubbornly refused to and now regret doing so.
Best Anime Series Ever: Full Metal Alchemist
I still fondly remember those lazy summer days where I had absolutely nothing to do and was dying of boredom. Suddenly, out of a haze of google websites came and with it all the episodes of Full Metal Alchemist. I've already reviewed it, so let's just say that Full Metal Alchemist will capture both your hearts and minds if you haven't seen it already. And if you have, I'm sure you feel the same as me...waiting for that distant day in the future when you come back to the old classics and stumble across this jewel of a show, turn it on, and relive the greatness.
Runner-up: Bleach. While Bleach has that more "cater-to-viewers-for-commercial-purposes" feel (FMA was an art...Bleach is less arty), this anime still manages to deliver a good combination of action and story. The current arc is almost riveting...I was right about the main villain, but that's not to say the show's not good.
One word: Shocking.
Most Disturbing: Nip/Tuck
Yes, I've already raved about this show and only a week ago...still. Nip/Tuck takes this award hands-down. I have yet to see another show that manages to twist everything up so bad you actually start feeling bad for the characters...even the ones that you know you should hate. The show may not be perfect, but it definitely is disturbing. And the surgery part is perhaps the least squeamishness of the show. Sick relationships, startling character flaws, and of course the big mystery twists at the end of the season are all done well and believably. Disturbingly believably.
Runner-up: Speed Grapher. There are some rather dark and uh...not-so-pleasant scenes in this anime. But Speed Grapher wasn't nearly as good as Nip/Tuck...and the disturbing factor had more of a shallow quality. As in a lot of it was gore-related. Meh.
Still leaving us wanting more
. Most Mysterious: Lost
Lost is such a tease. I almost hate it at times, but after watching almost the entire first season within 48 hours I'm addicted to it as I am to ramen. I just hope that it doesn't go the way of Smallville. It probably won't. Or at least that's what I tell myself.
The first season was brilliant. A fresh and original series that relies heavily on both character development AND storyline plot is definitely a good thing. The second season has been heavily character-based however, with a lot less main plot going least so far. The latest episode gave a little more of a hint to the secret base on the island, but not enough! I want more and I want it now! Yes, I'm spoiled.
Runner-up: Veronica Mars. I totally could not predict the ending to the first season of VM. And it was good. And what's good about it is that Veronica Mars actually had a resolution...perhaps why it's less mysterious than Lost. Which in my opinion, isn't a bad thing.

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