Saturday, December 17, 2005

End, Hecticity

So I am finally done with fall quarter. I don't know why but it went by insanely fast, unlike spring quarter last year which seemed like it would never end. And I spent a LOT of this quarter studying too. damn 4 major classes! But it still went by quickly. Mmm...

I met a lot of cool people this year, for which i am thankful. I was worried that after last year I would return to my hermitness but that seems to have passed...i hope. Now, I just need to learn to be social enough so i can get a job. The one bad thing though I guess is that I haven't seen friends from last year as much. It's my fualt, I know...but Hedrick is just so far away from everything else...bleh...

Oh, that reminds me I haven't done anything for BAY in awhile. I'm pretty sure everbody i've met there has forgotten me. Oh well. Second impressions are just as important as the first (or so I like to tell myself...).

I got an A- in PIC 10A, i'm so grateful. I was so close to the border it wasn't even funny. What was funny was that I was below the grade percentage that you need to get for an A-. 0.2% below. i was pretty depressed about that for awhile yesterday. Cynthia knows.

Oh, cynthia s hsu is the coolest person in the world, and i am glad to have her as my friend. :)
even if she says she wants to kill me all the time. haha...ha.

Ok, now I have nothing to do for the rest of break. Damn. I can't wait till school starts again.


May said...

roy wang u forgot about me!

Cynthia said...

damn straight i am cool. and you don't need to be social to get a job, i'm living proof of that.