Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Perfection is...disturbing.

So, the season finale of Nip/Tuck is tonight at 10. Watch it on FX.
I have to admit when Aisa brought over cynthia's season 1 dvd's of this show I was somewhat skeptical about how good it would be, despite its self-description as a "disturbingly perfect drama". I mean...a show about plastic surgery generally wouldn't be my cup of tea. Or for that matter, any type of surgery generally wouldn't be my cup of tea (which is why I don't like ER or Grey's Anatomy I suppose). And therein lies the brilliance of Nip/Tuck. I realized that the show really isn't about plastic surgery...the plastic surgery part of Nip/Tuck's very own mask. Instead, the real story is about the lives of the two surgeons, Christian Troy and Sean McNamara...and boy do their lives SUCK.

Christian(Left): Tell me what you don't like about yourself...biatch. And then sleep with me.

Sean (Right): I have sex with dolls.

I really have no idea what draws me to this show. Maybe it's the fact that there's a lot of uncensored sex (matt says the show is practically softcore porn...which I have to agree. yay for porrnn!). But more than that, the show is basically a soap opera. The twists that the writers pull are at least at that level. The difference though, I guess is that Nip/Tuck is compelling. Everything is believable, and with its cast of superb actors, everything is pulled off with undeniable skill.
I don't want to give away any of the details in case there are any budding nip/tuckers out there, but let's just say if I were christian or sean i'd have thrown myself off a cliff. Their lives are like layers and layers of crap...I used to feel like I needed a break when I had nip/tuck marathons with aisa, because everything was just so depressing. The show still had me hooked though...I'd be back as soon as possible (which often ended up to be several days...damn aisa's busy schedule!).
Oh, I will showcase one little detail. The Carver! There's some crazy maniac running around cutting people up because he believes "beauty is a curse upon the world." Oh Carver, who are you! The season finale promises to reveal his true identity, but I have a guess. I'm kind of hoping I'm wrong though, because while my guess makes sense, it's not as twisty as I'd like it to be. I'm used to Nip/Tuck shocking my jaw off (as in the season 2 finale...that was a jaw-dropper - Oh Jean Grey, I will never see you the same way...).
So...Yes, I am looking forward to what this disturbingly perfect drama is going to dish out tonight. In fact, that's all I'm doing right now besides writing this blog. Waiting. For a tv-show. That starts at 10:00PM. And right now it's what like 4? ...
Shut up and leave me alone...or I'll carve you! That's right, I am the carver.

Oh um...Children, look away.

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