Sunday, June 19, 2011

What to Watch Out For: The Elderscrolls V - Skyrim

Check out this interview, via, for a bit more about the Elderscrolls V - Skyrim. Skyrim is the sequel to the 2006 critically acclaimed open world RPG, the Elderscrolls IV - Oblivion. Both games were developed/are being developed by Bethesda, who is also known for Fallout 3.

Skyrim has so far displayed a plethora of new features, most noticeably the inclusion of dragons and dragon shouts. Your character is dragonborn - whatever that means - and you have the ability to absorb the souls of dragons in order to gain some of their powers. Some of these awe-inspiring abilities have included summoning lightning storms and breathing fire in the E3 demos that were shown a little over a week ago. You're also now able to dual-wield weapons or even spells.

The Elder Scrolls series' success has largely been due to the massively open world and near-endless amount of quests the player can complete, guild ranks the player can ascend, and just plain exploration the player can do. Skyrim seems to be keeping in line with these conventions. However, I personally always felt that the combat in TES games have left something to be desired, and the story in Oblivion was hackneyed and unoriginal. It remains to be seen if Skyrim will be able to improve upon those two important aspects as well.

See my full review of The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion here (Please note this review was done 5 years ago and was using an old reviewing system), and check out the interview below:



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