Thursday, June 30, 2011

Preview: Tonight's Futurama

It looks like tonight's Futurama will feature Bender "dying" ... and no doubt the wacky hijinks that will ensue in order to return him to robot life.

I have to say I wasn't exactly impressed with the first two episodes of the series last week. Hermes and LaBarbara are fine characters, but to have the season premiere focus be on these two (not that there was much focus at all), is still a little questionable.

There is also a decidedly tangible feeling that the show is trying too hard to be Family Guy - plots are not as tightly written as they were in the series' first run, and depend on too much randomness to move along. This was something that the first half of Season 6 suffered from as well though, at least in the first few episode.s Here's to hoping that the season will pick up!

Check out a preview below. I am debating about whether or not to review individual episodes, or to review entire seasons as I did with Game of Thrones. Whatever I decide ... I'm sure you'll figure out when I post the review. Heh.

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