Friday, June 24, 2011

WTWOF: True Blood Season 4 Premieres Sunday, June 26

In today's "What to Watch Out For," the spotlight is on True Blood, which returns this Sunday, June 26 with its fourth season. True Blood is probably one of the goriest, grimiest, disgusting-est, show on HBO. It's also one of the most fun to watch and like HBO's other recent mega-hit 'Game of Thrones,' True Blood is also based on a series of novels: The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris. The difference is that while Game of Thrones follows the plot of the novels with near-complete fidelity, True Blood isn't afraid of straying far, far away from the books.

True Blood follows Sookie Stackhouse and her unusually supernatural life in Bon Temps, Louisiana. Vampires have declared themselves to the world, and a blood substitute named "True Blood" is developed so that Vampires do not need to attack humans in order to stay alive. Most people still view vampires with at best trepidation and at worst open hostility, however.

Sookie is a mind-reader, though - at least initially - she does not know why she seems to be the only person with this power. She meets Bill Compton, a vampire, who is immune to her telepathy and becomes drawn to him. They develop a somewhat unconventional romance from there, and the story follows their attempts at dealing with crazed serial killers; anti-vampire organizations, an unlimited supply of new mythical creatures, and even vampire politics.

So in spite of that horribly brief summary, what exactly does True Blood have going for it? Well let's see: Interesting characters? Check; Intricate story arcs? Check; Fast-paced action? Check; Unabashed nudity and gratuitous sex? Check.

Oh and Vampires. And Werewolves. And Shapeshifters. And who knows what else. Check check check check.

Now, admittedly there has been some controversy over whether or not True Blood has been declining in quality. One common complaint is that the characters on the show (and in the books) are constantly being revealed as some sort of supernatural monster. Some of the story arcs on True Blood have also been criticized. I myself was not a fan of how the third season concluded; the season brought us to new heights of suspense, only to let that feeling disperse in a series of thoroughly anticlimactic episodes leading up to and including the finale.

Still, I'm curious to see what True Blood has in store for the fourth season. From the trailers, it seems a new set of antagonists will be introduced, new romances might be kindled, and just more guilty pleasure fun. Check out the teaser below and see HBO's youtube account for more videos.

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