Friday, June 24, 2011

WTWOF: Captain America - The First Avenger (2011)

Oh Jessica Alba. If only you could have
more than one expression on your face
at a time, maybe Fantastic Four would
have survived.
Followup Edition! To round out this summer's multitude of comic-based superhero movies (including Thor, X-Men, & Green Lantern all in the last two months) comes Captain America: The First Avenger. The film stars Chris Evans as the titular hero, though you might also remember him as the Human Torch, from the widely panned Fantastic Four movies. Considering both Captain America and the Fantastic Four belong to the Marvel universe, I'm guessing this will preclude any Captain America/Fantastic Four crossovers.

In case you were wondering why the movie boasts "the First Avenger" as its subtitle, I might point to the subtle hints that Marvel Studios has been dropping since Iron Man in 2008. You know how each film kinda has subtle hints about what's coming up in the next film? And how there are quite a few characters that crossover between movies? Yes folks, Marvel Studios is planning an Avengers film - directed by Joss Whedon - and to be released in 2012.

Captain America follows Steve Rogers, a man who attempts to join the army during World War II, only to be deemed physically unfit for service. Opting instead to volunteer for an unconventional and secret military operation, he is transformed into super soldier. Together with his sidekick, they combat a Nazi plot to take over the world.

The film is actually the last of the standalone movies to air before the team formally unites on the silver screen next year. Though I'm personally not exactly a big fan of the Captain, I'll probably see the film anyway. Can I just say though, doesn't it seem like Chris Evans goes from being a man with a head that's too big for his body, to a man whose body is too big for his head?

F for fudge.
Catch Captain America: The First Avenger in theaters, July 22, 2011. See the latest trailer below.

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