Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some People Still Read - Dragon Age: Asunder

Yes, some people still read. Me included (though not as much as I probably should). Sometimes sitting back with a good novel can be more thrilling than watching a movie or playing a game; there's the advantage of being able to see into a character's mind instead of merely watching him do things on screen.

Dragon Age: Asunder is the third book in a series of novels set in Thedas (which btw, stands for The Dragon Age Setting). Yes, Bioware's David Gaider has been tapped to write a third entry in a series of Dragon Age novels. The previous two stories centered on the character of Maric, son of a Ferelden Queen who rebelled against an occupying Orlesian force. In the first title, DA: The Stolen Throne, Maric undergoes trials and tribulations to reclaim his home from the invaders. In DA: The Calling, Maric is given a taste of the Darkspawn threat, and is called upon by the famed Grey Wardens to help track down one of their own, a Grey Warden that has seemingly betrayed his duty.

If you didn't play Dragon Age and have no idea what I'm talking about, then these books are probably not for you. If you did play Dragon Age and are itching to find out just a little bit more about the stunning lore that Bioware has put together for their fantasy franchise, I definitely would recommend that you buy or borrow these books from your local library. The first two novels were set before the events of Dragon Age: Origins and provide an interesting perspective and backstory on some of the events that occur in the game. David Gaider (Lead Writer for Bioware on all the Dragon Age games) weaves an interesting and compelling plot in both stories and while they might not be as intricately woven or designed as "A Game of Thrones," they do a great job of quenching any thirst for fantasy literature you might have.

The plot of Dragon Age:Asunder will detail the separation of the Templar Order from the Chantry, and references events that occur in Dragon Age 2. According to Mr. Gaider, it's best if you play the game first, if you plan to play it at all, as there may be spoilers in the novel. According to a press release issued by Bioware, the story will center on an Orlesian Mage named Rhys, who is accused of various murders within the so-called "heart of Templar Power" within Orlais. If you played Dragon Age 2, you know that the mages and templars of the world do not exactly get along. I won't say much more for fear of spoiling anything, but if you want to know more, I've embedded a video interview with David Gaider (courtesy of Bioware Pulse), where he discusses this upcoming novel. He also shares a bit of advice for aspiring writers and game developers - but don't listen to that; I have enough competition as it is.


You can purchase The Stolen Throne and The Calling via Amazon (Kindle editions available).

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