Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What To Watch Out For: Futurama, New Season begins Tomorrow 6/23!

The second half of the sixth production season (or the seventh on-air season, or even possibly the eighth season according to iTunes) will be debuting tomorrow night with back-to-back episodes on Comedy Central. A critical and somewhat cult hit during its initial run, Futurama was eventually cancelled by FOX after five (or four?) seasons had aired. A few successful straight-to-DVD movies later, and Futurama was revived (with an episode appropriately titled "Rebirth") and returned for a sixth (or fifth? or seventh?) season on Comedy Central.

Wondering why the seasons are such a mess? Well, it seems that no one can really agree on where the seasons start and begin, due to Fox Network's decision to air the episodes erratically and out of order. The insertion of the DVD movies in between the original run and the resurrected show also makes things a little confusing. The end result is that I will forever be adding parentheticals to qualify possible other numerical notations whenever I talk about Futurama.

Leela, Bender, and Fry

 ... yeah, forget that. I'm just going to follow wikipedia and say Season 6B begins airing tomorrow. Watch it! Futurama rocks!

The initial run of Futurama had some of the best animated comedy ever to grace the small screen. The series somehow managed to create characters that you could relate to, and yet be completely over-the-top wacky at the same time. The humor was hip and fresh, easily surpassing the Simpsons and Family Guy in depth and sophistication. Funny plotlines were often sprinkled with just the right amount of sentimentality. Case in point: the episode "Jurassic Bark." Watching Fry try to revive his millenium-dead pet dog Seymour and then change his mind at the last second, saying that he knew Seymour had lived a full life without him - only for the show to reveal that Seymour had spent his last years desperately waiting to be reunited with Fry - was one of the most heartbreaking experiences ever on TV.

While the revived season is still stretching its legs, it still had quite a few gems last year. Here's to hoping Season 6B will continue and expand upon that.

Futurama is set 1000 years in the future, where a pizza delivery boy finds himself after being cryogenically frozen. Along with his distant nephew - a 100+ year old mad scientist and his new crewmates (including his cyclops love interest Leela and robot bff Bender), Fry embarks on weekly escapades that boast adventure, excitement, drama and hilarity. See a recap below of the first five seasons narrated by none other than the Spaceman Extraordinaire, Zapp Brannigan, and then tune in tomorrow night!

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