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Mass Effect 3 Going Mass-Effectedly Multiplayer? [Update 6-17-2011]

[UPDATE 6-17-2011]

Eurogamer reports that Bioware co-founder Ray Muzyka has confirmed Mass Effect 3 will not be the end of the franchise. "This is not the end of the Mass Effect franchise by any means," he affirms.

"We have more things planned. We're laser-focused on making sure Mass Effect 3 is awesome and epic and intense on a galactic scale, and we want to provide a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy ... But also it's a beginning on a brand new adventure," Muzyka continued. "The galaxy is at war. It's a beginning as well as a conclusion."

Not totally unexpected, given the wild success Mass Effect has showered upon Bioware and EA. I wonder what will come next though, after ME3 has been finished. Mass Effect Wars? Mass Effect Online (shudder)?

See the original story below:

 Is ME3 going Mass-Effectedly Multiplayer? Maybe.

Rumors are swirling that the third entry in Bioware's popular Mass Effect franchise will include some multiplayer components. Multiple sources (via gamebanshee) now report that ME3 will include a horde style multiplayer mode where up to four players can team up to play. I assume both cooperative and competitive play styles will be included as so far game types such as "Capture the Flag" and the wave system (used in Halo Firefights) have been mentioned.

I'm a little dubious about whether Mass Effect 3 would work as a multiplayer game. The series has done extraordinarily well using its single player formula, and it's a risky move to add in a completely new feature in the last game of a trilogy. Multiplayer isn't exactly Bioware's strong suit either. What was the last Bioware game that featured more than one person behind the controller? Neverwinter Nights? That was a 2002 pseudo turn-based RPG; Nine years have passed since then!

It would have to be done extremely well in order to be considered an asset to Mass Effect 3; anything short of Halo/Call of Duty level of quality would only undermine the game as a whole, marring what should be the climax of the Mass Effect series.

Just don't make Mass Effect 3 into another Dragon Age 2 please!

Mass Effect 3 is the final game in a Bioware's space opera trilogy. Confirmed news regarding the game is that it will feature the arrival of the Reapers, a race of sentient, highly adaptive artificial intelligences, threatening the existence of all organic life within the universe. As Commander Shepherd, you must unite alien races under a common banner in order to repel this near-invincible threat in this epic climax to a critic and fan-favorite series. Old faces return and join with new characters, new weapons, and what should be the thrilling conclusion to one of the highest-rated shooter-RPG hybrids.

See the suspenseful trailer from E3 below, via, and play the game when it comes out next year, March 6, 2012. Pre-order from amazon below, or from your local videogame retailer. A special Collector's Edition has been announced, with some pretty cool perks.

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